Mortgage Loans

These types of loans have been traditionally preferred by those who are in dire necessity of loan and the interested candidates are more than willing to officially declare mortgage of some asset esp. property. The category of loan is equally preferred by banks as well as they too enjoy an upper-hand during the mortgage accord and hence it has been acknowledged as one of the secured loans by banks themselves.

P4U has also earned widespread prestige in helping individual and corporate clients in their pursuit to avail mortgage category of loan. Like every other time in past, we file convincing reports and impressively maintained documentation for claiming this loan facility and as it is considered as safe and secured loan category, hence banks approve the application within 3-4 working days.

As always, our time tested skills can be availed to enhance the chances of loans getting sanctioned as quickly as possible. Again in this category of loans, there exist various sub categories like Fixed Cost Mortgages, Variable cost mortgages and relevant Amortization Schedule and so on. In present context, amortization table is a schedule or table which provides breakdown of schedule of payments from the loan's first required payment to the loan's final payment. It vividly specifies the amount of principal amount and the amount of interest to be levied on it during making payments.

In this field too, P4U has a commendable record of success and we have helped more than 670 individuals and corporate clients in seeking this category of loans. You can rely upon our proven expertise for securing your monetary needs in quick time.