Loans are the monetary gains that an individual and /or business house can avail to meet its expansionist and growth oriented motives. But, as earning and making money is hard, same way, raising it is equally difficult unless we have some illustrious guidance at our hand. Here, we take immense pleasure to annunciate that we are expert financial consultants under the brand name P4U Incorporation. Since our inception nearly 5 years ago, we have helped more two thousand clients (both individual and corporate) in getting loans through fair, reliable and official way.

Like everything else, financial consultancy also needs to be mastered upon and it takes years of perpetual striving to be branded as an expert of the field. In same context we file thoroughly efficacious documentation and impressive reporting in form of formal loan application, IT returns, asset cum financial reporting and so on after which loan get sanctioned within 7-8 working days. Besides, as we have developed sound professional propinquity with our banking sector counterparts that we are entirely well-versed with the format and class of the loan applications. We feel august and elevated when we proclaim our outstanding success rate of 93 % which has been thoroughly sustained so far.

P4U had one office at Delhi, in the beginning but now we are present in Gurgaon and Noida as well with equally underlying essence and this show our widespread acclamation to our services and banking and finance dexterity. We can efficiently file application and documentation for any type of loan and other financial obligations to be sought from banks and financial institutions.

For more details please call us at +91 9716377283