About P4u(Planner 4 You)

P4U have been a leading Financial Consultants with strong professional tie-ups with leading private and public sector banks and other major financing corporations. We provide expert consultancy in the field of strategic and sound financial planning, as we acquaint our clients with financial intelligence and guide them about where to invest, how to invest, how much to invest and how much can surely be expected over a certain period of time. Besides, we have an established expertise in filing impressive documentation and financial reporting while applying for a loan from any bank or financial institution. As such we have been instrumental in most of the cases when there was a quick need for raising funds from reliable and official source with minimal tax liability. Hence, as far as loan approval in concerned, we are boastful to our outstanding success rate of 93 % since our inception.

P4U strongly adhere to the practice of procuring funds at cheaper rates and at initially urgent stages when they are required more intensely to meet certain motives. We have been in the field for the past 5 years as of now and under the brand name P4U Incorporations and we have helped more than thirteen hundred individuals in seeking financial relief. As such, we also assist in seeking various category of loans like home loans, car loans, personal loans, loans against property and mortgage loans, as we have developed unmatched financial dexterity hence applications filed by us are so thorough and comprehensive that loans get approved within 7-8 working days.

We have been highly preferred as we provide on time solutions to all financial problems which result prove lucrative to businesses and also help in minimizing the imminent threat of risks and losses. We also negotiate best interest rates with banks and financial institutions (with compensated time period).

Finally, we provide quintessential advisory regarding various insurance options so as to insure the organization's assets and workers' health and thereby we help reduce the level of burden from minds of directors and stakeholders. We also hold lengthy discussions with the insurance officials about the best suited premiums and policy tenure and harp upon other related guidelines and clauses that would be in favour of our clients.

For more details please call us at +91 9716377283