Letter of Credit Service Delhi by P4U

If you are looking for letter of credit service Delhi then Planner for You can guide you properly and will able to get it quickly. We are acknowledged as a reliable financial service provider and we are professionally engaged in offering letter of credit service in Delhi and other zone in Delhi NCR. Our main aim is to attain maximum client satisfaction by providing financial relief. A letter of credit is basically a document from a bank assuring that a seller will receive the amount as long as certain documentary delivery conditions have been met. It guarantees that a buyer’s payment to a seller will be received on time for the same amount.

It is often used in international transactions where a buyer and seller may not know each other. It ensures that payment will be received in different country. This is the major reason the use of letter of credit has become an important aspect of International trade. You will stay away from risk like credit risk and legal risk caused by different laws, distance and difficulty in knowing the other party personally. It is mostly used in importing exporting companies or public facilities (streets, storm water pond, sidewalks, etc).

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